Sermon: Exorcism in the Age of Trump

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ve become an exorcist.

I grew up terrified of the Hollywood Movie, the Exorcist, I vividly remember the scene where the demonic spirit possesses the little girl, she runs down the stairs upside down and backwards with her head spinning and green vomit spraying the room!

I remember being so scared that I would jump up out of my seat and join in when the priest started yelling: “The power of Christ compels you!”

When I was growing up in my little Southern Baptist church, much of what we thought about heaven, hell, and the demonic came from TV and Hollywood movies. The tradition of exorcism within the Catholic Church is far different than what we find in the movies but nonetheless does have some tradition and history to it.

I think it’s safe to say, Jesus envisioned the world full of spirit, alive with spirit, and even possessed with spirit. I think we can see the world in the same way, but with a little decolonizing of the mind. As I’ve been working through a PhD program in Anthropology, I’ve come to understand cultures around the world in a very different light. Continue reading Sermon: Exorcism in the Age of Trump

Teen Mom, Ave Maria

Ave Ave Ave Maria!
Hail Hail Hail Mary!

“I am 21 years old. My name is Danielle Vaughan I got pregnant at the age of 14; I was in 8th grade. I did graduate high school, but it was extremely tough! I did not pursue my dream at a four-year university out of fear that my daughter would feel abandoned. I work hard in dead end jobs, while attending online courses, living paycheck to paycheck. I was luckier than most, I received large amounts of support from my mother and my grandmother. Eventually, my luck ran thin and I had to move out on my own, with my daughter. It’s been she and I ever since!

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