Hello t11113160_1436457716674021_3642792773316141771_n.jpghere! I’m Gregory and this is my space for writing and sharing sermons, ideas, and articles around religion and politics. I am the Associate Pastor at First Baptist Church of Palo Alto and I’m currently applying to a PhD programs in Anthropology and Social Change. I have a Masters in Divinity from the Claremont School of Theology in Los Angeles. And yes, all of these certificates¬†are important because they mean”binders full” of course work, sweat/blood/tears, hours of reading, being very poor, and tons of passion. I am currently exploring what it means to be a minister to the non-religious and spiritually queer – or as the students I work with at Stanford call it, “Queerituality.” I’m always open to hearing new ideas if you have any! Either way, let’s connect here and on Facebook.

Much love,