Which side are you on? Us vs. Them

I woke up this morning to see on Facebook the Trump Regime being questioned by the Capitalist Class Senate Representatives about the children and families who were separated from each other and then forced into concentration camps. I scrolled down some looking for a cat video to absorb some of my rage. I ended up seeing a Time Magazine video clip of Pussy Riot (nika nikulshina, olya pahtusova, olya kuracheva, petya verzilov) being arrested at the very moment they were released from prison because: ‘article “20.2.2” – “the organization and holding of public events without prior written notice’ – up to 10 days of arrest.’

I couldn’t handle the stupidity of the State, watching folx in uniforms abusing other people and calling it “justified” is absolutely disgusting. I flipped over to Twitter for something more positive. The first thing I read: “As of 2017, 42 people hold HALF of all the wealth in the world. Ten years ago, that number was 388.”

I could keep going with more shitty stories, but you get the point: the world is fucked up because of the wildly unequal distribution of power. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer; the rich get richer, the environment gets destroyed; the rich get richer, immigrant babies are caged; the rich get richer, the endless wars get bigger.

All of this information is available to us at a click of a button. All of the toxic politicians and their uber-rich overloads know exactly what they are doing and know exactly what excuses to use in covering up their atrocities. Exxon Mobile has been doing scientific studies confirming climate change for over 40 years but haven’t stopped polluting the planet and getting rich of oil wars. These bastards know exactly what they are doing: getting extremely rich on the destruction of the entire planet.

But why aren’t more liberals screaming, organizing, and fighting back? 

In Engels and Marx’s “Communist Manifesto” they begin with this famous line: “Workers of the world unite, you have nothing to lose but your chains.”

Traditional socialist organizing has been around the worker (the proletariat) but is this viable in our contemporary society?

“In an advanced industrial society,” Noam Chomsky wrote in August 1969 “it is, obviously, far from true that the mass of population have nothing to lose but their chains … [since] they have a considerable stake in preserving the existing social order.”

Much of the United Sates middle and upper classes are not invested in revolutionary social change because they live, move, and have their being in the Belly of the Beast. To suggest revolutionary social change is to suggest destroying the Beast itself, which obviously means much of the ‘privileges’ these folx have would be radically changed. What isn’t often recognized is how these privileges only exist because of imperialist social relations that the US has with every other country in the world. US-privilege isn’t really privilege at all, it’s abuse, globalized violent oppressive abuse.

To suggest some pacified religious notion of non-duality in hopes of bringing all of us back together in one big human family is totally absurd. It also ignores that non-duality suggests not only that I am “interconnected” to Trump and Putin but also to everyone’s poop, heroine needles, urinal cakes, and every other non-sexy thing. When religious people use non-duality to avoid choosing the side of the oppressed, they are using their un-equal power advantage to subject those without power to these systemic abuses.

It’s time we stop pretending that this isn’t about “us vs. them” because that is exactly what this is about. This is a class war: the rich are waging war on the poor, the planet, and all peoples all across the world. Police violence is class war: as white rich women call the police to protect them from black people. I.C.E. is a weapon of class war: as white rich politicians cage children fleeing violence, rape, and murder. Capitalist economics is class war: rich people underpay workers to exploit their lands to supply rich countries with the resources needed to continue thriving through exploitation.

Question: If your Dad abused you or your family, would compassion mean staying in the abusive relationship or getting the fuck out by any means necessary!?

The people who tell you to stay in this abusive relationship, that there really aren’t “sides to pick”, are the ones benefiting from the abuse. Folx don’t want to give up their “privileges” even though they are based on abusive relationships with the planet.

I refuse to stay in a abusive relationships. I refuse not to pick a side. For my survival, I will absolutley pick a side. For my comrades’ survival, I will absolutley pick a side.

I am not on the side of the Nazi’s, I am on the side of those opposed to fascism.

I am not on the side of the police, I am on the side of the black mothers whose children keep getting murdered by the “authorities” with zero repercussions or change.

I am not on the side of the rich, I am on the side of those abused and exploited by the rich.

I am not on the side of ICE, I am on the side that opposes all borders and state violence of all kind.

Both sides do not matter and neutrality on issues of injustice is siding with the oppressor.

To suggest that there is no “us vs. them” is to suggest oppression isn’t real, power isn’t completely unbalanced, and that our entire planet isn’t being destroyed by those with this oppressive power.

This isn’t a problem for white, cis, Christian, men. This ins’t a problem for those who exist in the very identities that have shaped the destruction of the planet. This isn’t a problem for people whose kids aren’t being murdered by those said to protect us; this isn’t a problem for straight cis folx who aren’t being murdered, mugged, or raped; this isn’t a problem for Christian men and women who aren’t assaulted for wearing a turban or banded from traveling as Muslims; and this isn’t a problem for those whose children aren’t being locked away in cages without hope of return.

But for those of us experiencing these oppressions: it’s a fucking huge problem. It’s our survival we are fighting for. It is our existence we are fighting for. It is our families and our children and friends that we are in solidarity with and fighting for.

We have chosen sides because we already know what side we are on. Those of us who are queer, trans, impoverished, female, differently abled, feme, a non-human animal, fat, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, migrant, Latinx, etc. know what side we are on. Those of us who experience the abusive nature of this violent power struggle are already fighting back and waiting for arm-chair liberals to join in solidarity as accomplices not allies.

Those who hold power and privilege at the expense of others might not recognize what side they are on, but it is clear for those of us suffering: you have chosen the side of the oppressor.

Wake up. Pick sides. Fight back.

On August 5th in Berkeley, White Nationalists and Nazi’s are organizing an intentionally violent rally where they have prepared to fight, stab, beat up, abuse, and possibly murder (as has happened before) those of us who are black, brown, queer, migrant, trans, Muslim, and any other category that isn’t white and Christian. If you stand back idly you have chosen a side. If you suggest “civility” in the face of Nazi violence you have chosen a side.

Which side are you on?


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