Military Industrial Complex to Blame for Pulse Massacre

The Orlando Massacre at Pulse Nightclub was a complex web of crazy. You know the story so I won’t re-hash the nightmare. In the vigils I’ve attended around The Castro in SF, articles I’ve read shared on Social Media, conversations I’ve had with a few friends, and videos I’ve watched on the interwebs this has been addressed far too little so I want to “Say it again for the people in the back!!”

First, the murder of those 49 people by Omar Mateen (and then his own suicide) was not merely about queer people and homophobia – sources have come out to say he had a complex relationship with his wives, Pulse was one of his favorite Gay Clubs, the Latin night was one of his favorite nights to get drunk and party, he was known to have a Grindr and sent sloppy messages to other men hoping to hook up with them. Continue reading Military Industrial Complex to Blame for Pulse Massacre


Leave Your Evangelical LGBT Welcoming Church

Evangelicals running around with book tours and t-shirts promoting their blogs about how they once were straight but saw the light and are now queer, make me want to vomit…but only because they do so parading God and their new found theology as if it’s any better than the one before. I hate to break it to you but it’s not. It sucks. It’s just imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchal theology, to steel some of Bell Hooks’ words.

Here’s an example: a female pastor from San Francisco at City Church named Laura Turner wrote this article for Esquire. It’s got a catchy title, I‘m Evangelical, My Church Welcomes Gays, and I’m Not Voting for Trump, and some great points so it’s been going viral.

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